The Beale Ciphers have been cracked in 2014 with the key. More documentation will be coming soon.

Cap Thomas Beal, Looking into The Beale Papers decoded we find that the original usage of Beal’s name as BEAL not BEALE. Why would Thomas use this spelling of his name by his own hand in the decoded ciphers?

Why did he have a dual cipher for Page #2 ??



The possibilities of Captain Thoams Beale of New Orleans and the problems with his death in the New Orleans area. The only conclusion that could be is he had faked his death in 1820. Or he is not the same person as the Register of Will’s. Everything about him lines up with a person who fits the description of TJB. out of all the last surname BEALE, he would be the only possibility. The new proof of the two Thomas Beale’s, Captain and Register of Will’s are two separate people!

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The first Name To Be Released Of Page #3 Peter Fitch one name mentioned in the decoded ciphers.

Captain Thomas Beale Of New Orleans is the top pick as the TJB possibility for the BEALE name. I will be moving on to the BEAL and BEALS surnames next. In the decoded ciphers he uses BEAL as his last name.



There was a French scholar in 1770 who put together about 300 men, 500 horses, and mules in New Orleans; who then made their way up northwest. They found gold in the area what is now the town of Summitville, CO. It is said that most of them died at the hands of Indians indigenous to the area. As they were going back to New Orleans to regroup, they hid the gold at the site of the where they had previously found it. It is said that it took around one week to move all of the gold to the site that they were to hide it.
It is said to be the biggest cache of gold in the US.

Remy Ledoux gained funds from Governor Carondelet, at the time just a Baron, 1780 in New Orleans. He took 40 men with him and ended in around the same area as the party from 1770, and had traveled from that point to what is now called Treasure Mountain today. Many of them were killed yet again, with only a few left to make it back to St Louis. They had worked the same gold field for about 5 years before returning to St.Louis in fear for their lives. In their haste to leave, the group decided to leave all of the gold in the shaft in which they had found it. The amount of gold left was smaller than the previous cache. Remy created 2 maps before he and one other became only to survive the trip back from Treasure Mountain to St. Louis, he being the only one to come home to New Orleans. It is estimated that at the time, the gold hidden was worth up to 33 million dollars.

Why have I researched these two events? The two sites in which these events took place both coincide with the Beale Treasure. Both are in an area about 250-300 miles North of Santa Fe, and the amounts of the gold line up are roughly the same. With Remy’s name appearing in the decoded C3, it is only natural I would like to research into these events more.